Certified Corporate Coach  (CCC®)

The Business coaching designation that gives you credit for your professional experience

The CCC® is a coaching designation for experienced professionals internally and externally who want to elevate their leadership and coaching skills.  The program is a streamlined, advanced study program designed for coaches, consultants, managers, therapists and trainers who want to coach in a business environment. 

The CCC® is designed for individuals with 5+ years of professional experience who want to learn the philosophy and skill set necessary for successfully coaching others to peak performance and goal achievement. 

Program Highlights

  • Experience being coached and taught by a professional corporate coach. 
  • Opportunities to practice coaching in various professional challenges
  • Tools to apply key coaching skills like the blocks analysis and metacommunication.
  • Hands-on, workshop style training designed to maximize learning.
  • Demonstrated and tested knowledge of the 5-step coaching process.
  • Knowledge of the difference between consulting, counselling and coaching.
  • Training to utilize specific coaching tools in the coaching process. 

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