DiSC® Makes You a Better Leader

Understanding your DiSC® style increases your opportunities to connect with others faster and on a deeper level. This is a benefit when you are responsible for the outcome of a team or when managing a project. Your unique qualities are a combination of natural traits as well as skills and knowledge acquired over time along with your willingness to adapt to change. When you understand an individual’s style, you can become a better mentor, coach, or even a better leader. So what is DiSC® really?

What is DiSC®?

For the most part, your personality traits tend to enhance your effectiveness. Each DiSC®style –Dominance: “D”, influence: “i”, Steadiness: “S” or Conscientiousness: “C” – has different needs and motivating factors. If our needs are being met, the easier it is for each style (individual) to perform at an optimal level.So what are those needs? How can you know if you or your team can perform at an optimal level?

Breaking Down Each Style?

Imagine being able to understand others so well that you know exactly where they will function best? As a leader, DiSC®will help you to increase productivity, morale, and know what incentives will work best. All the traits that you previously had to wait to understand can come together that much easier. No more trial and error, or personality clashes among your staff!

It’s not nearly as complicated as you may believe. For example:

  • D’s tend to want results quickly
  • i’s like to talk through ideas,
  • S’s may want to listen and help others on projects, while
  • C’s want both details and clear deadlines.

Now you can learn how you can use DiSC® for training workshops, facilitate meetings, lead retreats or coach others to discover their unique styles and increase workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Some things you will learn about DiSC®:

  • Improve work performance and productivity by understanding DiSC® behavioral tendencies
  • How to coach and mentor with the DiSC®assessment
  • Utilize the model and materials to meet personal and organizational objectives 

IMPACT Training & Development can help you find a one-day DiSC® training class near you or contact us to create a customized DiSC® program to specifically address the training and development needs of your organization.