The Leader's Impact

How Leader's Impact with Coaching


More and more, organizations across the U.S. are hiring coaches as a perk for their top performers. The investment returns improved performance for the individual and higher profits and a competitive edge for the company. That’s what companies reported in a survey of over 4000 organizations by the International Coach Federation and Linkage, Inc. who were asked about their interest and involvement in corporate coaching.

Executives and Managers

Business executive Coaching has been shown to be an effective approach to inspire and develop leaders. Coaching supports executives and managers in obtaining desired results. We coach entrepreneurs to high level corporate executives.

Individual Contributors

Coaching those targeted for growth in the organization is an effective method of personal and professional development. This develops and retains high potential individuals.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching includes areas such as life balance, fulfillment, career transition and relationships. Individuals experience less stress, more fun, and higher levels of productivity.

Participants of 360° Assessment

We offer 360° assessment and feedback sessions for those participating in the 360° assessment process. It is critical that individuals have good coaching to help them determine the themes and areas for improvement. We recommend ongoing coaching to help the individual achieve the goals set during the 360° feedback session.

Career Transition or Development

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Coaching will impact the quality of your search and the speed at which you transition or develop your current career. We also work with corporations in setting up career plans.

What's in it for your organization?

Benefits include:

  • Improved individual performance
  • Bottom line results including profit, client service and competitiveness
  • Development of people for the next level: confidence raising, skills and self empowerment
  • Goal achievement, relationship improvements, and retention